Gates Industrial Power Transmission Markets & Applications

June 28th, 2010 marketing
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Are you looking for information for specific markets Gates services or provides parts to? Listed is information and products for the oilfield and construction markets.

Predator Belts
Super HC Molded Notch V-Belts
Super HC V-Belt
Hi-Power II V-Belt…

Reed Manufacting – Catalog Update

June 25th, 2010 marketing
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KSCDirect has updated our Reed Manufacturing catalog and pricing. We have done our best to be competitive and we think you will find our pricing in line or even better than other distributors.

Reed is a manufacture of:

Cutter & Cutter Wheels
Groovers, …

Woodford IOWA Yard Hydrants

June 23rd, 2010 marketing
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Woodford IOWA yard hydrants can be used on farms, city residences, businesses, anywhere you might need water in an area where a normal faucet may not work.

Yard hydrants are great for filling field spray equipment, cleaning tools and lawn and garden care, they have an immediate water flow even in freezing temperatures.

Some features of Woodford model number Y34 are:

Adjustable Link
Rod Guide
Flow finder & lock
Long life packing
One piece variable flow plunger
Maintenance & Repair

Woodford has manufactured the IOWA yard hydrant since 1929, they have made many improvements since that time but have made it so all the parts are interchangeable and repairs can be made without removing the hydrant from the ground.

What You Need To Know About Garbage Disposals

June 21st, 2010 marketing
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We all have used one at one point in our lives, you may have one now and really never gave it much thought, you flip the switch and it chews up what ever you throw at it, but lets take a look at how they came to be one of your most used appliances.

The garbage disposal was first introduced on the market in 1938 by InSinkErator, it was developed by a man named John W. Hammes of Wisconsin. In order for a garbage disposal to work the cities had to rework their entire sewage systems, many of the cities refused including New York City which declared the garbage disposal illegal up until 1997 when they finally removed the law.

Today’s disposers are more powerful than previous ones, they run at 200 to 750 watts, have stainless steel parts that resist corrosion, are installed under the kitchen sink with a switch located on the wall near the sink, and may have sound proofing to reduce noise levels.

Clean And Organize Your Chemical Storage Area

June 18th, 2010 marketing
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Your chemical storage area in the workplace needs to be cleaned and organized on a regular basis to ensure the area is not a hazard to you or your employees.

First take an inventory of the chemicals you have, write down the names and amounts of each item, and note the location of each item on the shelf. While you are taking inventory be sure to also check the shelf life of each chemical, if you find some that are past the recommended shelf life dispose of it properly (according to manufactures directions). Assess which chemicals are used most and what they are used for, dispose of any unwanted or never used chemicals at this time.

Drive Belts

June 16th, 2010 marketing
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A drive belt is used to transfer motion between two shafts through a series of pulleys, this provides power in engine mounted accessories like car engines, air compressors, pumps and exhaust fans.

The five most common belts are:

V-Belts – These are also known …

Check Valves – How Do They Work?

June 14th, 2010 marketing
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A check valve or a non return valve is a device that allows the flow of water or other material in only one direction, it will stop the flow in the opposite direction. Check valves are installed in pipe lines and do …

Latex or Oil Based Paints

June 10th, 2010 marketing
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Many years ago oil based paints were the standard for painting homes, now a days due to environmental and health regulations latex paints have been a better choice. In most applications latex is better but there is still sometimes you may need an oil based paint.

In the 1970’s they discovered that the lead in paints was a serious health hazard, mostly for children. In 1978 the FDA banned the use of lead in all paints.

Some Latex features are that it does not actually contain latex, most exterior house paint is fortified with 100% acrylic or urethane binders, this makes it flexible and breathable compared to oil based paints. Latex is less likely to crack, it allows moisture to pass through with out blistering or peeling and it is also less likely to fade.

Oil based paints are a better choice when painting metal or steel siding, wrought iron railings and metal gutters, since oil based will adhere better and has a less chance of peeling.

Go Green – Tips For Around The House

June 9th, 2010 marketing
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“Go Green” has been a popular term lately with everyone trying to do what they can for the environment, help save costs and use less energy in the home. Outlined below is some ideas to help you “Go Green” and save in your own …