Solenoid Valves

July 28th, 2010 marketing
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Solenoid valves have been in use for thousands of years, they are used to control the flow of fluid or gases. The solenoid is the electromagnetic part of the valve comprised of a coil, coretube, and enclosure. The can range in size anywhere from as small as your pinky to gigantic.

Some common uses for solenoid valves are to control elements in fludicis, in central heating systems, automatic sprinkler systems, and are also used in the paintball industry to control a larger valve used to control the propellant.

What is Threadlocker?

July 27th, 2010 marketing
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Screws and bolts have always been known to loosen due to vibration, parts will fall off and with this it can cause some serious safety hazards. This is the reason threadlocker was invented.

A threadlocker is a liquid polymer that you put on the threads of the bolt before you tighten it in place, the polymer will set up with the absence of air, which will seal the threads in place preventing them from becoming loose from further vibrations.

There are three strengths of threadlocker

Types Of Ball Valves

July 26th, 2010 marketing
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A ball valve is a device used to control the flow of liquids through a pipe or equipment. Every ball valve has a handle that moves the ball that will open or close a round hole.

There are five general types of body styles, they are single body, three piece body, split body, top entry, and welded.

The three types of ball valves are:

Full Port – Allows no restrictions on the flow of liquids through the pipe – ball is oversized.
Standard – does not have an over sized ball, it is usually one size smaller than the pipe used when fluid needs to be restricted slightly.
Reduced – Valve has a smaller hole than the pipe to control the flow from one side to the other.

Caulking – The Five Most Common Types

July 22nd, 2010 marketing
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We have all done it, walked into a store, found the caulk isle and stood there scratching your head asking yourself  “OK, which one do I need?”.

First you have to decide some things… is it going to be used indoors or outdoors, does …

Most Common Electrical Safety Hazards

July 20th, 2010 marketing
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In every home or work place there is a number of electrical safety hazards, with our increased dependence on electricity there has been a rise in electrical fatalities throughout the years. The most common victims are children who are not carefully supervised. Next common …

PVC Pipe Cutter Saftey Tips

July 19th, 2010 marketing
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A PVC pipe cutter is a tool designed specifically to cut pvc pipe and nothing else. Using a pvc pipe cutter is a much safer way to cut than using a saw or some of the other tools out there.

Just like any tool a pvc pipe cutter can be dangerous if not used properly, here are some tips to ensure your safety.

PVC can and will splinter or send shards flying off towards you, since this can happen it is important to wear safety goggles – not just glasses since the goggles provide more protection. You should also be sure to wear gloves when handling pipe, gloves will protect you against slippage of the tool and provide a better grip on the pipe.

Old PVC Pipe? Dispose Of It The Eco Friendly Way

July 15th, 2010 marketing
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Have you done some remodeling lately, put new pipes in your home, do you need or want an eco friendly way to dispose of your old PVC pipe?

Here are some new ideas:

Recycling – Many communities have a recycling program that …

Bathroom Sink Faucets

July 14th, 2010 marketing
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There is such a wide variety of faucets to choose from nowadays it can make the decision process that much harder. In the list below you will find the five most common types of bathroom sink faucets hopefully this list will help make your decision easier.

First you have a widespread faucet, this is a very flexible type of faucet, it has three different pieces that consist of two handles and one spout and has a standard spread which can be spread starting from six inches to twelve inches. This type of faucet has one handle for cold and one handle for hot water, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Next is the center set faucet, this type has a standard 4-inch drill and two handles, with the handles mounted on a plate. The center set is best for smaller spaces since the handles are closer to each other, these are sometimes a little more difficult to clean since they are a smaller and compact design.

Online Buyer’s Guide to Metal Pipe Fittings

July 8th, 2010 admin
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It’s easy to find fittings at KSCdirect. Use our search engine to locate fittings by type and size. For best results we suggest using our abbreviation chart and standard sizing nomenclature.


Search for size using fractions. Represent fractions with numbers, dashes and …

Advantages of PEX Plumbing

July 6th, 2010 marketing
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PEX tubing is a flexible and durable alternative to the normal ridgid plumbing options. PEX is recommended for use in hot and cold water distribution. When looking at plumbing options for a new construction PEX is a convenient  …

KSCDirect – Who are we?

July 1st, 2010 marketing
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KSCDirect is  Kelly Supply Company’s online store. We have been in business for over 100 years, with physical store front locations throughout Nebraska, Iowa and Colorado. We are your one stop ship for industrial, plumbing and electrical MRO and finished goods. KSC …