New Crouse-Hinds Product Catalog

February 15th, 2011 marketing
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Crouse-Hinds Outlet Boxes and Covers
      — Steel Masonry Boxes
      — Steel Switch Boxes
      — Steel Utility Boxes and Covers
      — 4in. Steel Square Boxes and Covers Steel Square Covers
      — …

Gojo Skin Care Products

February 9th, 2011 marketing
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Gojo is America’s number one hand cleaner. People who get their hands dirty trust this effective skin friendly way to get their hands clean and healthy.

Gojo products are used in all kinds of places from the home to the work place.

Manufacturing facilities are a hands on environment. Everyday exposure to chemicals can lead to occupational dermatitis and touching simple objects can spread illness causing germs. All this can lead to lost productivity.

Automotive technicians deal with grease, tar and oil on a regular basis. Frequent hand washing with a regular soap can result in dry cracked hands and hand that are never really clean.

By implementing a range of Gojo products in these facilities you can lessen the chance for illness and loss of productivity.

Gates Belts, Bushings, Sheaves and Tension Testers

February 4th, 2011 marketing
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Gates Bushings
Gates H-Type Bushings
Gates QD Bushings – English Sizes
Gates QD Bushings – Metric Sizes
Gates Stainless Steel Taper-Lock Bushings – English Sizes
Gates Stainless Steel Taper-Lock Bushings – Metric Sizes
Gates …

Different Types of Adhesives

February 4th, 2011 marketing
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A adhesive is a product that bonds two surfaces together, there is two main types of adhesives and they are permanent and non permanent.

When you are working with a surface that will need a permanent bond the types of adhesive you will want are:

Super Glue – very powerful type of glue that is water resistant and will nond most non porous surfaces including skin, so use caution.
Epoxy – this consists of two liquids, one is the resin and the other is a hardner, combined they create a permanent bond – epoxy holds it form so it can be cut or sanded after it’s cured.
Adhesive Tape – roll of tape which is placed between both surfaces to bond together – great for photos and scrapbooking.
Plastic Adhesive – this is just what it sounds like and adhesive that works best in bonding plastic items together.