Watts Compression Fittings

December 17th, 2009 marketing
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Watts brass compression fittings are ideal for use with copper, brass, aluminum, or plastic tubing and are commonly used on gasoline, grease, oil, water, vacuum, and air lines. Watts compression fittings are not recommended for use with steel tube.
Watts offers a wide variety of compression fittings including our Ander-Lign/Poly® universal compression fittings with brass inserts.
The Ander-Lign/Poly® universal compression fitting is the only brass compression fitting that can be used with almost any type of tubing. The Ander-Lign/Poly® universal compression fittings come completely assembled with the brass insert and captive sleeve. The bodies are interchangeable with standard compression fittings. The Ander-Lign® fitting puts 360° of even pressure on the tubing, ensuring a tight seal.


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