Kelly Supply: History and Archives

Kelly Supply is extremely proud of our rich history and successes, based on long standing relationships with our customers, our family and our employees, developed and nurtured for over a century. We look forward to maintaining these ongoing relationships while establishing new ones in the future.

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1903 - Kelly-Porter Plumbing Company formed. A partnership between Wm. Kelly and Dr. Porter.

1903 – The First Company Ledger and Transaction

1905 - Wm. Kelly purchased the interest of Porter

1909 – Our First Company Truck

1912 - Robert Kelly & Martin Kelly open operation in Kearney, NE.

1914 - Martin Kelly opens plumbing shop in St. Paul, NE.

1915 – Kelly Well Drilling Products & Services

1917 - Kelly Well Company organized with brothers / partners: William, Martin, Robert, Thomas Kelly

1921 - Kelly Brothers purchase Cantrell Plumbing Company and organized the Sanitary Plumbing Company.

1923 - Became a Rigid Distributor

1924 – Wm. Kelly Patent #1,488,753

1926 – Kelly Supply Product Showroom

1927 - The Kelly Supply Company organized. Distributors of petroleum handling equipment and plumbing supplies.

1920’s Kelly Co. petroleum product ad card

Late 20’s early 30’s Kelvinator Photo + the Story of Kelvinator

1930 - First transactions with Crane Valve

1932 Sales Letter from Wm Kelly & Company

1934 - Contract for sewer construction projects.

1934 – Sanitary Sewer Project

1934 – Sanitary Sewer Project, part II

1935 – Wm. Kelly Patent #2,011,448

1937 - Martin Kelly Jr. associates with Wm. Kelly Company and Kelly Supply Company

1938 - Became a Gates Rubber Distributor

1939 Mullen Nebraska – Kelly Supply as Contractor for NE Water Services 

1945 - Howard and Ralph Kelly associate with Kelly Supply

1945 – March Sales Bulletin

1947 - Wm. Kelly Company, Kelly Well, Saniatary Plumbing and Kelly Supply Company separated into three companies.

1948 - Kelly Supply moves to new building on Oklahoma Avenue

1950 – Grand Island Sales Counter

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